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Swedish universities have long held the reputation of hosting some of the world’s best advanced degree programs. The programs are designed to enable students to gain professional experiences while studying, by encouraging relevant internships and part-time work.

The relationship of students with Swedish professors is informal which is key to encouraging creativity from the students, who often look at professors as a mere guide toward their goal. This makes education fun in Sweden.

Sweden has been in the forefront of innovative research & technologies for years, empowered by strong academic course work. Sweden offers diverse courses with plenty of funding opportunities for international students to avail. Living costs on Sweden are above the European average, with slight variation depending on the city. On-campus accommodations such dormitories and residence halls are more affordable compared to living off-campus.

Students can avail discounts on public transport. Winters can tend to be extreme, but there is always plenty of extra-curricular activities to interest the student community in all seasons.