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Business and Management

Business and Management includes subdisciplines like Project Management, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM), and others.

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Computer and IT

An IT college will give you practical skills in designing software, websites or computer systems that meet an organisation’s needs for data, research or communication. Computer science degrees focus on problem solving across all areas of computing.

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Engineering is a stream of education that involves the application of Science, Technology, and Mathematics to innovate, design, develop and maintain machines, structures, software, hardware, and systems & processes.

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Courses in healthcare span a wide array of topics and serve a multitude of purposes for different students. Some are designed to provide additional qualifications and training for those already working in a health-related field, while other courses are meant for those looking for first-time training

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Business and Finance

Leading with Finance will equip you with an intuitive knowledge of financial principles and enable you to understand the market in which your organization operates, create and assess value, and communicate business decisions to stakeholders.

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Graduates of pharmacy degrees work right at the heart of human healthcare, taking on roles relating to the design and development of new treatments, prescription and care management, and advising on the range of medical options available.

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Hospitality and Tourism

Choosing a Tourism and Hospitality Master’s degree will get you accustomed to working in an international environment and being more in tune with the needs of guests from different social and cultural backgrounds while helping them enjoy their time off.

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Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

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Accounting and Finance

This specialization provides an introduction to corporate finance and accounting, emphasizing their application to a wide variety of real-world situations spanning personal finance, corporate decision-making, financial intermediation, and how accounting standards and managerial incentives affect the financial reporting process.