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This might seems like an outlandish choice for the pursuit of higher education, but Slovenia boasts of highly acclaimed university education with courses being taught in the English language. International students are required to sign up for the Slovene language course before the commencement of their actual degree, but most of the natives speak English and therefore you will find it easy to communicate with the locals in your day-to-day life.

While tuition fees in Slovenia are affordable, with plenty of options available for funding your education through scholarships and grants. Accommodation on-campus is extremely affordable when compared to off-campus accommodations. Student meals are subsidized by the government making Slovenia a great choice for students on a budget and has awesome food for you to enjoy.

The social life scene in Slovenia can surprise you by offering plenty of options to keep you occupied. As a student, you can avail plenty of activities with discounts such as sports clubs, photography clubs, etc. Slovenia is a truly beautiful country to live in with its breathtaking landscapes, pine forests, and calm lakes.