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The Slovak Republic is a vibrant country, with stunning visual naturescapes, is the perfect destination for pursuing academic excellence in the lap of nature. Slovakia maintains excellent standards of education, with a diverse array of courses to interest and attract students from all over the world.

Slovakia offers plenty of short-term, and long-term courses and research opportunities and students keen on the country can choose to learn the language, as fluency in Slovakian can help in reducing tuition fees. The cost of living is much lower when compared to other European countries. Students pursuing their education in Slovakia can stand apart in the employment market as it showcases them as independent, high-motivated individuals with a willingness to learn, provided they are fluent in Slovakian.

Students are encouraged to pursue internships throughout their course to instil a strong work ethic and are students are legally allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week. International students with Slovakian degrees can apply to obtain a permit residence with ease enabling pursuit of employment. Slovakia can be a perfect destination for students looking for an international graduate experience within a budget as compared to other popular destinations.

All universities in Slovakia have to follow the Bologna process, therefore Slovakian degrees are recognised globally. Students can avail discounts on transportation and there are plenty of funding options available to support international students. Also, Slovakia falls within the Schengen group of countries guaranteeing cheap travel across other Schengen countries.