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Poland has always been a favorite off-beat destination for international students. Poland, part of the Schengen area, is a perfect stop for students looking for quality education at an affordable cost. Polish universities have a long history of international academic exchange programs and rank among the best in Europe.

Polish universities offer a range of English-language taught courses for students to choose from, as well as plenty of funding opportunities for international students towards covering tuitions fee and/or living expenses.

Poland has a reputation for being one of the safer European nations. The Polish society is liberal and open-minded and the international student community has always found itself in the midst of a healthy culture.

Poland has a rich cultural history in music and arts; there are plenty of cultural centers on offer as recreation for students. Students can work up to 20 hours per week to sustain their living expenses. On-campus accommodation such as dormitories and student residences is available in most Polish universities; there are off-campus options as well.