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Germany has a long tradition of providing world-class education, perfect for aspirants looking for global work opportunities. Germany has always had a reputation for being safe, politically stable, and extremely welcoming toward the international student community.

Germany offers a wide range of courses and specialties for every aspiring student and more importantly, plenty of English language-taught courses, though students are expected to attend a German language course before the commencement of their degree.Almost all German degrees have a strong practical component, ensuring that students have relevant professional experience as they seek to enter the global workforce.

Students are allowed to work 120 full days or 240 part-time days to sustain their living costs. The tuition fees are affordable when compared to most other European nations with plenty of funding opportunities. The cost of living is reasonable depending on the city they study in, and also dependent on whether the students are able to find the right accommodation options. Students will feel right at home as a part of the diverse, cosmopolitan student community and will be part of an interesting and diverse cultural experience.

A strong German visa can ensure easy travel throughout the Schengen area. Students can choose to extend their stay in Germany for up to 18 months after the completion of their course to pursue employment opportunities within the country.